The Mysteries

Immer­sive online group train­ing reveal­ing the secrets of the Mys­tery Schools through advanced dream­work, sym­bol­ism, & move­ment

Program Details:
  • Monthly Dream Group, Sym­bol­ism Group, & Move­ment Group
  • Includes mem­ber­ship to The Fel­low­ship weekly HD video calls
  • Ongo­ing mem­ber­ship with a min­i­mum 6‑month com­mit­ment
  • All Mys­ter­ies gath­er­ings are 3‑hour, online classes via Zoom
  • Ses­sions are held on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Sunday of every month
  • This an active, par­tic­i­pa­tory pro­gram with a sin­cere, inti­mate group
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Use Ancient Wisdom & Modern Technology To Accelerate Your Process

For those look­ing for more than fel­low­ship and feed­back, and feel the unde­ni­able call towards truth—membership to “The Mys­ter­ies” grants you access to the heart of the Holo­graphic Alchemy pro­gram. It’s here where you will learn our trade­mark meth­ods for work­ing with your uncon­scious mytho­log­i­cal mate­r­ial.

Build­ing upon the foun­da­tions of The Fel­low­ship, these three addi­tional, immer­sive fully online monthly classes offer grad­u­ate-level train­ing in dream­work, sym­bol­ism, and move­ment mythology—all with­out having to leave your home. Being some of the most advanced work available—exposing some of our deep­est sto­ries or trauma—they are not for begin­ners or the casual dab­bler.

But for those ready and com­mit­ted, these proven processes are the door­way to inner alchemy and making your dream life a real­ity.

What Were The “Mysteries”?

Before writ­ing was invented, mankind’s knowl­edge was passed down ver­bally from person to person. Even after wide­spread lit­er­acy, there were—and still are—certain things you just can’t get from a book. They must be expe­ri­enced for one­self directly—symbolically.

Tra­di­tion­ally, the great meta­phys­i­cal truths about the nature of human­ity and real­ity were only shared with sin­cere ini­ti­ates of these “mys­tery schools”; while para­bles, metaphors, sym­bols, and sto­ries were dis­sem­i­nated to the gen­eral public. These ideas are for all who gen­uinely seek, how­ever, many specifics have been obscured to deter the casual observer.

Why Did They Hide Beneficial Teachings?

With­out proper con­text, guid­ance, ground­ed­ness in real­ity, con­tin­ual sup­port, and gen­uine loving intent—people can endan­ger them­selves and others. The ancient schools and their teach­ers were “guardians” of this knowledge—not for secret power, but to ensure these ideas were not dis­torted, abused, or destroyed.

Like any advanced teach­ing, they also needed to make sure only those who were ready and with pure intent could safely undergo the trans­for­ma­tive work.

“To you it has been given to know the secrets of the king­dom of heaven, but to them it has not been given. For to the one who has, more will be given, and he will have an abun­dance, but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away. This is why I speak to them in para­bles, because seeing they do not see, and hear­ing they do not hear, nor do they under­stand.”

–Jesus of Nazareth

Fast-for­ward a few thou­sand years…

Tech­nol­ogy has enabled the rapid spread of this infor­ma­tion, which has allowed expo­nen­tially more people to ben­e­fit from these secrets. It’s quite a won­der­ful thing—we can instantly read sacred texts, video chat with men­tors glob­ally, and share ideas with­out leav­ing our house.

How­ever, with all things that bring great ease, there are down­sides. Things get dis­torted, diluted, mis­used, under­val­ued, and mis­in­ter­preted due to naive or nefar­i­ous seek­ers. Even the words to describe these spir­i­tual concepts—words that I use very purposefully—have become so diluted and hijacked, they are read­ily dis­missed.

This leads to con­fu­sion, uncer­tainty, and skep­ti­cism. What does some­body who is com­mit­ted to the Truth, who chooses to gen­uinely wake up, and is look­ing to do the real inner work do?

How I Was Able To Finally Wake Up

For me, it came down to an unshak­able choice.

When I was a teenager, I made the immutable choice to learn the real, gang­ster, under­ground secrets and Truths from the best of the best Mas­ters in the world. An unig­nor­able whis­per to dis­cover the real “magic” that exists that less 0.00001% people know about. To learn the meth­ods that heal in such pow­er­ful ways—even modern sci­ence could only describe as “mirac­u­lous”.

I had to sort through count­less new age non­sense, reli­gious dogma, pseu­do­science, fake heal­ers, scam artists, oppor­tunis­tic mar­keters, and some dark char­ac­ters. Even when I did find the real infor­ma­tion, people were stuck in fan­tasy and unable to pro­duce real-world changes or results from it… ask me how I know—that was once me!

That quest lead me through parts of Europe, Asia, and Amer­ica, inter­twined with my jour­ney of entre­pre­neur­ship, and through my own choices, even left me home­less at times.

…but I did find them—and it was noth­ing like I imag­ined.

If you’re ready to gain real, prac­ti­cal, mys­ti­cal insight through proven, gen­uine, results-based group training—then read on to learn how we use the teach­ings of the Ancient Mys­tery Schools, along with cut­ting-edge tech­nol­ogy, to trans­mute your inner lead into gold.

“As above, so below; as within, so with­out; as the uni­verse, so the soul.” –Hermes Tris­megis­tus

The 3 Realms of Symbolic Awareness


Par­tic­i­pate in cut­ting-edge dream­work, where we’ll ana­lyze your dreams and dis­cover the secrets they hold for your waking-life.


Bypass clumsy lan­guage to repro­gram your sub­con­scious through arche­types, alchem­i­cal sym­bols, and ancient imagery.


Get out of your head and into your body to dis­cover your lim­it­ing sto­ries, all while increas­ing somatic resource­ful­ness.


Since the begin­ning, humans have been fas­ci­nated with their dreams. Their unre­al­ness jux­ta­posed to their daily occur­rence is cause for great mys­tery.

“Are they real? Are they mes­sages from the gods? Do they pre­dict the future? Do they tell us any­thing about our­selves or are they just the byprod­uct of a sleep­ing brain?”

We posit that dreams reveal more truth about our­selves than our waking life.

We can con, avoid, dis­miss, inflate, ignore, and oth­er­wise deny what’s really hap­pen­ing in our lives with our con­scious, ego-mind. In the dream state, none of this hap­pens. Our dis­tor­tions, judg­ments, sto­ries, and ener­getic pat­terns show them­selves in dreams.

The challenge—and great value—is in under­stand­ing and inte­grat­ing this uncon­scious mate­r­ial in the con­scious state.

In our Dream Group, we use a spe­cific process for self-trans­for­ma­tion through the shar­ing of dreams. You will cul­ti­vate a prac­tice of dream-jour­nal­ing and receive instruc­tions for dream­ing.

Don’t dream or remem­ber them?

There is immense value in this approach even if you can’t remem­ber your dreams. You will get just as much value as those who do with our unique method!

Image of Drew Gerald

“Once upon a time, I, Zhuangzi, dreamt I was a but­ter­fly, flut­ter­ing hither and thither, to all intents and pur­poses a but­ter­fly. I was con­scious only of my hap­pi­ness as a but­ter­fly, unaware that I was Zhuangzi. Soon I awaked, and there I was, ver­i­ta­bly myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dream­ing I was a but­ter­fly, or whether I am now a but­ter­fly, dream­ing I am a man.”

–Zhuangzi, Chi­nese Philoso­pher (c. 369 BC – c. 286 BC)


Sym­bols are one of the oldest forms of trans­mit­ting ideas, and cer­tain ones are even embed­ded into the very fabric of our “col­lec­tive con­scious­ness”. These uni­ver­sal symbols—called archetypes—are the essen­tial expres­sions of energy that man­i­fest through all human expe­ri­ence.

By under­stand­ing how we relate to these, we are able to realign our­selves with more func­tional and har­mo­nious ways of being.

In our Sym­bol­ism Group, your mytholo­gies of real­ity are revealed by using spe­cific imagery from tarot, alchemy, and mytho­log­i­cal art. These “myths” are the arche­typal back­bone of all your “sto­ries” of who you are, how life works, and what’s keep­ing you stuck or suf­fer­ing. What’s revealed about you in this imagery is of way more value than any generic inter­pre­ta­tion.

Lan­guage is a very cum­ber­some com­mu­ni­ca­tion tech­nol­ogy, easily illus­trated by the adage “a pic­ture is worth a thou­sand words”. Bypass­ing words and access­ing the infor­ma­tion sym­bol­i­cally allows you to receive expo­nen­tially more data from the quan­tum field.

These sym­bols act as a tool for repro­gram­ing our mind back in align­ment with the high­est order of human con­scious­ness, lead­ing to the sought-after elu­sive “flow state”.


“Until you make the uncon­scious con­scious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” –Carl Jung


Unlike most pro­grams out there simply focus­ing on giving you more infor­ma­tion—embod­i­ment and expe­ri­en­tial move­ment play a cen­tral role in our jour­ney together.

We work on get­ting out of our head and drop­ping into our body while learn­ing to oper­ate from “feel­ing-based aware­ness”.

In our Move­ment Group, we prac­tice spe­cific move­ments for get­ting grounded and embody­ing the prin­ci­ples we are learn­ing. Spir­i­tual con­cepts and infor­ma­tion will not help you in life unless they are in and of you—literally.

But how do we know what arche­types or mytholo­gies we are embody­ing? What does that have to do with making more money, feel­ing more con­fi­dent, achiev­ing our vision, improv­ing our rela­tion­ships, or reach­ing enlight­en­ment?

Our phys­i­cal­ity is proof that what we think we’re doing—is what we’re actu­ally doing (or not).

Move­ment acts as the ulti­mate lie-detec­tor, and this spe­cial process shows us the hidden, uncon­scious sto­ries that run us. These move­ments reveal exactly what we try to hide, avoid, or sup­press.

How does it work?

Based on the same pro­pri­etary Cine­so­matic tech­nol­ogy used at our live events—our online class gives you the same oppor­tu­nity to see through your per­sona, pull back the veil, and reveal the truth of how you’re show­ing up in the world—with your own eyes.

Seeing your­self act-out makes denial and deceit no longer pos­si­ble. Seeing it play out in the group allows you to move every­one for­ward with­out taking it per­son­ally.

Drew Gerald with Participant

“People say that what we’re all seek­ing is a mean­ing for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seek­ing. I think that what we’re seek­ing is an expe­ri­ence of being alive, so that our life expe­ri­ences on the purely phys­i­cal plane will have res­o­nances with our own inner­most being and real­ity, so that we actu­ally feel the rap­ture of being alive.”

–Joseph Camp­bell, The Power of Myth

The Holographic Alchemy Membership Platform

Included with all levels of mem­ber­ship, our state-of-the-art cloud plat­form pro­vides access across any device

World-Class Members Area

Enjoy a custom-built, pre­mium mem­ber­ship area designed with the latest tech­nol­ogy. Access your arti­cles, con­trol billing, manage mem­ber­ship, view the calan­der, and watch video replays—from any com­puter, phone, or tablet… even in dark mode.

Full Replay Archive Access

Stream your video replays securely and pri­vately from any browser. You’ll have access to every HD replay of the gath­er­ings you attend—PLUS every replay since the begin­ning. These replays have tremen­dous value and let you see tan­gi­ble growth.

Private Community Access

Get sup­port from The Fel­low­ship every day and expand your net­work. Besides our weekly video calls, you’ll get access to our pri­vate Face­book group, where you’ll be able to ask for feed­back and con­nect with high-level mem­bers.

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I Have Told So Many People

“I vouch for Drew Gerald. He did a ses­sion with me that changed my life! Amaz­ing human being!”

“I have no words for how grate­ful I am. Thank you for strip­ping me down to my core and giving me the space to see myself. I really hope we do more work together; I have told so many people about how incred­i­bly tal­ented you are.”

–Vir­ginia Salas Kastilio, Forbes/BBC/United Nations

The Results Are Tangible

“When you see words such as ‘dreams, feel­ing, tarot, mythol­ogy, arche­types, energy, con­scious­ness, embod­i­ment, and spir­i­tual awakening’—it’s easy to roll your eyes and dis­miss it as new age fluff… like I did. That would be the biggest mis­take of your life. Not only is Drew’s work noth­ing like I expected, there’s absolutely noth­ing else like it; I tell every­one. The results are tan­gi­ble, and I’ve been able to help those I love because of it. Thank you for con­tin­u­ing to change my life, you are my favorite space-holder.”

–Fed­er­ica Broc­chi, Har­vard Busi­ness School

His Material Has Really Transformed My Life

“His mate­r­ial has really trans­formed my life. One thing that really moved me with Drew was that he speaks from a vul­ner­a­ble and authen­tic place. It’s a priv­i­lege to rec­om­mend him to you, and I hope you enjoy him as much as I have.”

–Dr. Joseph Bar­sug­lia, Ph.D., Clin­i­cal Neu­ropsy­chol­o­gist

I Knew This Is A Man Who Could Lead

“From the moment I met Drew, I felt his integrity, I felt his pas­sion, I felt his intel­li­gence, and I knew this is a man who could lead the next gen­er­a­tion of people… and not from a place of ego grat­i­fi­ca­tion or trying to better, but from a gen­uine place of love and desire to serve. If there’s anyone I’d rec­om­mend going on this jour­ney with, it would def­i­nitely be Drew.”

–Layla Martin, Tantra Teacher

Become Absolutely Enchanted With Your Life

“If you want to absolutely fall in love, become absolutely enchanted with your life and with life itself and your­self, then Drew is absolutely the man for you. He will care for your soul, your indi­vid­u­al­ity, for living up to your full poten­tial, but having fun along the way — and that is absolutely price­less to have some­one care for you with such self­less aban­don as Drew would. You cannot buy that.”

–Catalin Pirvu, Pro­fes­sor

Activated & Transformed The Deepest Parts Of My Consciousness

“Drew gave me the life long tools to acti­vate the high­est parts of myself that he has the unique gift of seeing in people. He was a con­sis­tent mirror of my body lan­guage, move­ments and lan­guage, and by doing so helped me trans­form the way I carry myself and move in the world.

With my will­ing­ness to show up and his keen intu­ition and unique insights, we acti­vated and trans­formed the deep­est parts of my con­scious­ness in ways that have brought oppor­tu­ni­ties of work, love, adven­ture, self-care and com­pas­sion (all the good stuff) into my life.

Prior to work­ing with Drew I was simply a ver­sion of myself. Now I am Me. And with­out his gift, I would have remained the former.”

–A. Kath­leen Filbin, Sto­ry­teller & Facil­i­ta­tor

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