In all legends, heroes had mystical aid—this is yours.

Our advanced mem­ber­ship pro­grams sup­port
extra­or­di­nary lead­ers on their path of awak­en­ing.

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I’m Drew Gerald, and for over a decade I’ve helped pro­fes­sion­als world-wide see the elu­sive pat­terns that kept them from real­iz­ing true ful­fill­ment and self-actu­al­iza­tion.

Our grad­u­ate-level con­scious­ness train­ing offers a decade of growth in six months—helping you embody and achieve tan­gi­ble mate­r­ial and spir­i­tual results.

There’s a point in all leg­ends where the hero must accept the call to adven­ture. To stay in the famil­iar, com­fort­able, estab­lished cul­ture they know—or leave the ordi­nary world behind, jour­ney into the unknown, and see how far the rabbit hole goes…

As the main char­ac­ter of your tale, are you show­ing up as the uncred­ited “extra” that fades into obliv­ion in some­one else’s epic—or—are you choos­ing to be the hero of your own legend?

Both are nec­es­sary roles, and nei­ther is right or wrong. How­ever, if you’ve reached this page, it means that you are look­ing for some­thing… beyond.

You know that “this”—isn’t all there is.

And, as with all great sto­ries, you must undergo great trans­for­ma­tion to dis­cover what lies beyond… and it’s inside this alchem­i­cal forge where your legend is born. The person who starts the jour­ney is not the same hero that emerges.

Our modern world presents new masks for age­less chal­lenges, remind­ing us that the Modern-Day Hero’s Jour­ney is one of spir­i­tual and per­sonal trans­for­ma­tion. Even with­out seek­ing it, the need for tremen­dous growth and awak­en­ing arises nat­u­rally when our vision and mis­sion is extra­or­di­nary.

To suc­ceed and even­tu­ally ascend, the hero requires extra-ordi­nary train­ing and sup­port. The hero’s will­ful descent into the under­world sum­mons into exis­tence “mys­ti­cal aid” that empow­ers them beyond their ordi­nary means.

It is sim­i­larly said, “When the stu­dent is ready, the teacher will appear.”

My work is a cat­a­lyst for accel­er­at­ing the trans­for­ma­tive process, by help­ing clients see the uncon­scious, mytho­log­i­cal pat­terns and sto­ries that block them from what they want in life. These patterns—when seen, felt, pen­e­trated, and integrated—dissolve life­times of stuck cycles and change the course of their lives.

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The Forefront of Consciousness Studies

Learn online holis­tic, grounded, proven approaches inte­grat­ing the apex of phi­los­o­phy, psy­chol­ogy, ther­apy, spir­i­tu­al­ity, & tech­nol­ogy.

  • Embod­i­ment
  • Shadow Inte­gra­tion
  • Dream Analy­sis
  • Per­cep­tion & Pro­jec­tion
  • End of Suf­fer­ing
  • Arche­types & Sym­bol­ism
  • Intu­ition Devel­op­ment
  • Mythol­ogy & Sto­ries
  • Spir­i­tual Awak­en­ing
  • Reverse-Wiring
  • Silence & Still­ness
  • Somatic Med­i­ta­tion
  • Mas­cu­line & Fem­i­nine
  • Super­sen­sory Aware­ness
  • Non-Dual­ity
  • Somatic Resource­ful­ness
  • Feel­ing-Based Aware­ness
  • Mys­tery School Teach­ings

“Man suf­fers only because he takes seri­ously what the gods made for fun.” –Alan W. Watts

Graduate-Level Consciousness Training For Professionals

Holographic Alchemy - The Fellowship

The Fel­low­ship mem­ber­ship offers weekly online gath­er­ings for shar­ing high-level feed­back, devel­op­ing advanced intu­ition, & receiv­ing con­sis­tent com­mu­nity sup­port.

Dis­cover The Fel­low­ship
Holographic Alchemy - The Mysteries

The Mys­ter­ies mem­ber­ship offers immer­sive online group-work reveal­ing the secrets of the Ancient Mys­tery Schools with advanced dream­work, sym­bol­ism, & move­ment.

Dis­cover The Mys­ter­ies

What Is Holographic Alchemy?

Essen­tially, Holo­graphic Alchemy is the body of work—comprising my writ­ing, train­ing, and mem­ber­ship programs—for grounded, embod­ied, and authen­tic con­scious­ness stud­ies at the grad­u­ate-level.

“What is the mean­ing?”

The name is pre­cise and inten­tional:

  1. Holo­graphic: Imply­ing the max­i­mum of “as above, so below”, this describes how the work is frac­tal in nature. Since “how we do one thing is how we do any­thing”, the meth­ods and tech­niques employed affect all areas of life.
  2. Alchemy: The (sim­plis­tic) goal of alchemy was in “turn­ing lead into gold”. Here, we go into our shadow and trans­mute the worst aspects of our­selves into our great­est gifts—catalyzing accel­er­ated spir­i­tual and mate­r­ial change.

When you trans­mute one aspect of your con­scious­ness, it affects not only the other aspects of your life, but it has a direct impact on the space around you.

Rather than infor­ma­tional, this process is experiential—we work from the body rather than our heads. This gives us access to an incred­i­ble range of resources that we simply don’t have access to from our heads. The non-ratio­nal aspect of this work can be pecu­liar for folks who come from mental-approaches, how­ever, it’s what gets results when noth­ing else does.

When you get into your body and start feel­ing, develop intu­ition, re-wire reversed neu­ropath­ways, embody func­tional arche­types, and move through the world as a part of it rather than opposed to it—you get out of your own way. This frees up all the energy that was being used to suffer to now move for­ward.

We do this in a way that com­bines ancient meth­ods, modern sci­ence, and my innate abil­i­ties to help you see the real real­ity of how you move through the world. It’s cut­ting edge con­scious­ness work, and you won’t find it any­where else.

Aspects of this work could be con­sid­ered shamanic, mys­ti­cal, and ener­getic—but not quite in the way you’re think­ing. It’s unlike any­thing else you’ve seen.

This is the “Final Tier” work stu­dents arrive at after all the inspi­ra­tional videos, sem­i­nars, books, heal­ers, hyp­no­sis ses­sions, mas­ter­minds, plant med­i­cines, finan­cial suc­cess, gurus, and bio­hack­ing leave them feel­ing smarter and improved, yet still not… there.

We get people to call off the search, stop fixing, and start living.


“You enter the forest at the dark­est point, where there is no path. Where there is a way or path, it is some­one else’s path. You are not on your own path. If you follow some­one else’s way, you are not going to real­ize your poten­tial.”

–Joseph Camp­bell, The Hero’s Jour­ney

Tiers Of Human Potential & Transformation Work

1st Tier Work
  • Approach: Infor­ma­tional, moti­va­tional, inspi­ra­tional
  • Focus: Get­ting out of depres­sion, pos­i­tiv­ity, waking up from the con­sen­sus trance, state-based results
  • Shifts: Occur at the behav­ioral and atti­tude levels of change
  • Out­come: Self-aware­ness and action; little to create trans­for­ma­tion or deep change
2nd Tier Work
  • Approach: Ther­a­peu­tic, par­tic­i­pa­tory, results-ori­ented
  • Focus: Spe­cific tech­niques to create finan­cial, emo­tional, phys­i­cal, mental heal­ing
  • Shifts: Occur at the belief, values, and iden­tity levels of change
  • Out­come: Cre­ates change and last­ing results; but is never-ending, lim­ited from ego, little spir­i­tual awak­en­ing
Final Tier Work
  • Approach: Non-dual­ity, beyond-lan­guage, embod­i­ment, intu­itive
  • Focus: Stop­ping, move­ment, sym­bolic states of per­cep­tion, feel­ing-based
  • Shifts: Occur out­side the “heirar­chy of change” from beyond ego-iden­tity
  • Out­come: Instant heal­ing, karmic change, super­sen­sory aware­ness, a “foot in the door” towards enlight­en­ment

Our Unique Approach & Proprietary Technology

Holographic Alchemy

Using state of the art cin­e­matog­ra­phy equip­ment, our pro­pri­ety diag­nos­tic tech­nol­ogy allows you to see the sto­ries, mythol­ogy, and ener­getic pat­terns man­i­fested in your body. This ground-break­ing system bypasses lan­guage, allow­ing you to see the truth of how you show up in the world for your­self and make new choices.

Holographic Alchemy

The way we think, feel, and see the world gets trans­lated into the phys­i­cal world through our bodies (“as above, so below”). By observ­ing and exchang­ing feed­back, you get to see the way you’re man­ag­ing energy in your life, busi­ness, and relationships—and embody a new way of moving through the world from the bottom-up.

Quantum Field Entrainment
Holographic Alchemy

The quan­tum field is the matrix grid that con­nects, sup­ports, and informs all things. We oper­ate holo­graph­i­cally within this field, and are plugged into this ener­getic system through all parts of our body—connecting us with every­thing. Entrain­ing stu­dents into this field results in pow­er­ful heal­ing and intu­itive abil­i­ties.

“As above, so below; as within, so with­out; as the uni­verse, so the soul.” –Hermes Tris­megis­tus

The Depth of Training I’m Looking For